Seasonal Changes of Cape Cod Hardwood Floors

For the last few years hardwood flooring has became a new trend for home kitchens. Every second design magazin would have tons of pictures of kitchens with hardwood floors. In this article I will describe pros and cons as well as some key factors you need to consider.

Summer’s just around the corner in Cape Cod, and you know what that means – lazy days at West Dennis beach or any other favorite, followed by something to eat at Longfellow Restaurant over in Yarmouth. The warmer temperatures generally bring out the best in people and, as it happens, the worst general humidity – for Cape Cod’s Hardwood Floors. Much like hardwood floors anywhere else, they are susceptible to humidity throughout the year. But what kind of changes can you expect? Below we look at possible seasonal changes to your Cape Cod hardwood floor, and how to prevent any potential damage.

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