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What floor should I put in my kitchen?

Kitchens are tricky places for flooring, especially when they have a direct line to your dining room or living room. You want to have a nice, cohesive look extending from one room to the next, but the soft, luxurious carpet you have in your living room that’s perfect for warming your toes during an evening movie isn’t going to hold up to spaghetti sauce and oil splatter in your kitchen. What kind of flooring can stand up to the wetness, wear and tear that your kitchen can dish out but still look similarly attractive as the rest of your house? Here are a few choices: Read More What floor should I put in my kitchen?

How to make a room look bigger with tile

As a general rule, the larger the size whether it be a tile, plank or pattern the larger the item the larger it will make the room look. This does not mean that a busy pattern will make a room look larger. Even small rooms like powder rooms appear larger when larger flooring is used. Example: Tiles – choose tiles that are large to make the room appear larger, but not so larger that full tiles are not able to be installed across the room. Installing tile on the diagonal can help a room appear larger.

Myth – light floors will make a room look larger. This is not necessarily true. If the floors are white, but the walls are dark, the room will appear larger. Conversely, the floors can be dark and the walls light and the room may appear larger. Keep in mind too that lighting plays a big part. Read More How to make a room look bigger with tile

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