What floor should I put in my kitchen?

Kitchens are tricky places for flooring, especially when they have a direct line to your dining room or living room. You want to have a nice, cohesive look extending from one room to the next, but the soft, luxurious carpet you have in your living room that’s perfect for warming your toes during an evening movie isn’t going to hold up to spaghetti sauce and oil splatter in your kitchen. What kind of flooring can stand up to the wetness, wear and tear that your kitchen can dish out but still look similarly attractive as the rest of your house? Here are a few choices: Read More What floor should I put in my kitchen?

How to make a room look bigger with tile

As a general rule, the larger the size whether it be a tile, plank or pattern the larger the item the larger it will make the room look. This does not mean that a busy pattern will make a room look larger. Even small rooms like powder rooms appear larger when larger flooring is used. Example: Tiles – choose tiles that are large to make the room appear larger, but not so larger that full tiles are not able to be installed across the room. Installing tile on the diagonal can help a room appear larger.

Myth – light floors will make a room look larger. This is not necessarily true. If the floors are white, but the walls are dark, the room will appear larger. Conversely, the floors can be dark and the walls light and the room may appear larger. Keep in mind too that lighting plays a big part. Read More How to make a room look bigger with tile

Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood Flooring

There are a lot of questions when redoing your floors. Let us help you out with a few of them…

1. Which is better? Prefinished or Unfinished?

Both flooring options have their pros and cons.

The pros to prefinished are pretty obvious, the flooring doesn’t need to be finished! You don’t have to worry about the dust, the polyurethane, the extra time it takes to finish the floor and let it dry, or the smell. The cons are that, while there are a lot of great colors and styles available, if you can’t find the exact color you’re looking for, you’re not getting that color.

Read More Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Hardwood vs. Solid Hardwood

When you’re looking for a new wood floor, do you really know what you’re looking at? Many people choose something aesthetically pleasing; but what are you actually choosing for your home?

Many times there is a negative connotation about engineered hardwood flooring, people think that it’s a lesser product because it’s not solid; well, I’m here to set the record straight!

Read More Engineered Hardwood vs. Solid Hardwood

The Strength And Durability Of Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

The durability of your hardwood floors is not just in the quality of the wood used; it’s in the installation as well. You could purchase the best wood in the world, it won’t mean anything if it’s not installed correctly. The last thing you want to see in your new floor is moving, cracking, and lifting! When your new floors are installed, there are a few basic steps that need to be taken to ensure quality and durability…

Step One: Remove the old flooring:

Old flooring is, often times, NOT something you can just lay the new floor over and pretend it’s not there. Think about it, the base of anything literally lays the foundation for any project. You wouldn’t start a row of paver stones when you know the ground is not smooth, right? Your wall will eventually just topple over. The same way with flooring; if your old flooring or subfloor (most of the time plywood) isn’t smooth, your new floor won’t be either.

Because of this, we rip up the old flooring and either sand down the subfloor to make it smooth, or replace it all together.

Read More The Strength And Durability Of Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood buffing

If you want to provide your hardwood flooring with a renewed look, it can be achieved through hardwood buffing. When recoating wood floors, it has been recognized as an affordable option to revive dull looking or worn out hardwood flooring. Nevertheless, the procedure is not for all floors. Hardwood flooring that has been prominently scarred or scratched on the top layer could not be recoated anymore. In case like that you should consider wood floor refinish. If you are planning on recoating wood floors in your home, it is better to check this article.

Read More Hardwood buffing

Hardwood floor maintenance

Wood floor maintenance is very important to sustain a brilliant surface as well as extend the life of the hardwood floor. Cleaning wood floors is only a part of the regular maintenance requirements.

Wood floors need to be protected in areas of moderate to heavy traffic by using a good quality mat or rug. The floor also needs to be protected from the weight of furniture whether they are stationary or being moved about the floor. Floor protectors or a mat should be placed under any part of furniture in contact with the wood floor. This prevents scratches, indentations, et cetera.

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The Best Flooring For My Basement

This is very common question among our clients – What is the best floor for the basement? People are confused by the their relatives advisers, non-professional advisers(Thanks to “Hom Depo”) and so on. In this article I want to go through the pros and cons of different flooring materials. Only this time I will give you some factors which will add some value to my words. So let’s try to find out what is the best material the basement floor.

Today, let’s include three nominees for our goal: laminate, carpet and vinyl floor.  Read More The Best Flooring For My Basement

Seasonal Changes of Cape Cod Hardwood Floors

For the last few years hardwood flooring has became a new trend for home kitchens. Every second design magazin would have tons of pictures of kitchens with hardwood floors. In this article I will describe pros and cons as well as some key factors you need to consider.

Summer’s just around the corner in Cape Cod, and you know what that means – lazy days at West Dennis beach or any other favorite, followed by something to eat at Longfellow Restaurant over in Yarmouth. The warmer temperatures generally bring out the best in people and, as it happens, the worst general humidity – for Cape Cod’s Hardwood Floors. Much like hardwood floors anywhere else, they are susceptible to humidity throughout the year. But what kind of changes can you expect? Below we look at possible seasonal changes to your Cape Cod hardwood floor, and how to prevent any potential damage.

Read More Seasonal Changes of Cape Cod Hardwood Floors

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