Many aspects of life sometimes are changing and flooring is no exception. Lately, COREtec by USFloors is a new, high quality material which we’re happy to offer to our clients. We wouldn’t recommend something not proven over time. However, COREtec material installed by New Floors Inc crew 5 years ago still looks like brand new – with extremely high durability and stability. COREtec performs well in Cape Cod weather conditions and makes your room look great!

No, we’re not getting paid to advertise this material.
No, our margin for this product is the same as for others.
No, COREtec is not owned by our friends or relatives.
Yes, we recommend it, since homeowners that used it have had excellent results.

There is one main reason why we’re saying these things – customers’ satisfaction. The secondary reason is that people don’t call us a year later complaining that their flooring was easily damaged or doesn’t look as good. Hence, we don’t have to waste our time fixing anything. people are calling us a year later to say thank you! That’s why we’re telling you honestly that this luxury vinyl cape cod flooring material does cost just a fraction more than average vinyl floor, but worth every penny. We’ve installed COREtec in numerous houses and businesses on Cape Cod and so far have receivednothing but enthusiastic feedback from all of them.

This innovation in flooring is as profound as the first generation iPhone. Should you consider it in your flooring options? Definitely, as long as you want to be happy with low maintenance in the longer term.
If you want to consider COREtec flooring in your house on Cape Cod – call New Floors Inc today and we’ll be happy to help! New Floors is Cape Cod’s top certified COREtec installation company.